Language Documentation

The language is heavily based on Microsoft's kql, and we also include references on how to use scalar functions in the underlying database.

When using pql, it's important to know what underlying database you are querying in order to effectively use that database's underlying functions.

pql's valuable proposition is largely that is parses scalar functions and specific pql operators that have been translated from kql's language specification.


Click here to see the list of pql supported operators.

Scalar Functions

Click here to see the list of pql supported scalar functions.

Using other functions.

The functions implemented within underlying databases, like clickhouse, postgres, and more are supported by default in pql by passing those function calls through to the underlying database. Those function calls are not validated during the translation process, and instead an unsupported function call will result in a database error.

To read more about using pql with another database, read these docs: